Refill Assistant resulted from a technology partnership between Rx Mobility and PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America).

The original development resulted in a refill mobile app called Rx Mobility which was released in November 2014.

Subsequently, new products were brought to market including Digital Compounder, Refill Assistant Website, Refill Assistant App and Social Ads.

Currently over 100 community pharmacies trust Refill Assistant for their mobile apps, digital advertising and website services.

The Number 2 Communications Platform for Independents 

When your number 2
you try harder….Or else.

You know the story about little fish. Little fish have to keep moving all the time. The big ones never stop picking on them. Refill Assistant knows all about the problems of little fish. We’re only number 2 in HIPAA compliant patient communication platforms. We, like you, would be swallowed up if we didn’t try harder.

Instead of a homogenous websites, we create websites that pop and spring to life reflecting your pharmacy’s individuality and your standing in the community.

Instead of getting fax orders or an IVR integration, our mobile app comes with an integrated order admin and communication portal. 

And, instead of creating advertising that just ticks a box, we create social advertising campaigns with high end powerful video ads that work.

And since we’re not the big fish you won’t feel like a number in a uniform crowd. You’ll get to know us. And we you. Oh and when there is a problem we respond. Fast.