Get refills and communicate with nurses
without a single phone call.

Mobile App for LTC Pharmacies partnered with SNFs, Residential Care, Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Palliative Care and Hospice facilities

  • Help nurses to submit patients’ refill orders without calling
  • 2-way messaging between nurses and the pharmacy
  • Improve communications with field based nurses
  • Significantly reduce phone calls about refills
  • Improve order accuracy, trace-ability and efficiency
  • Reduce transcription errors
  • Suited to both closed-door and open-door pharmacies

Get refill orders
from nurses

Help nurses to easily submit patients' refill orders without a phone call

Less phone calls.
Less time.

Spend less time on the phone and more time on what matters.


Securely communicate with nurses about patient scripts

Configurable Rx order forms

Configure script order forms to match your workflow: delivery, expedites, hold orders, call back requests etc

Differentiate your LTC Pharmacy

Differentiate your offering from other LTC pharmacies.

Improve order accuracy and efficiency

Reduce Transcription Errors. Improve order accuracy, trace-ability and efficiency

LTC Pharmacies partnered with SNFs

SNF's, residential care, nursing home, assisted living, palliative care and hospice facilities

iPhone and Android Mobile App

Intuitive iPhone and Android mobile app to give nurses direct access to your Pharmacy.

Refill and 2-way messaging app for nurses
to submit refills and communicate with
your LTC Pharmacy

Help nurses at your SNF, residential care, LTC, assisted living, palliative care and hospice facility partners to submit refills to and communicate with your pharmacy.

Hand using refill mobile apps
mutiple devices that the mobile app works on

Refill Assistant mobile app has become an important asset for my business. Before the app, nurses called the pharmacy to submit patient refills. We were constantly on the phone. 

Now we save a ton of time….all of our nurses submit patient refills using the mobile app.  

Jon Carr, Palliative Pharmacy Solutions Tucker, GA​

Could Refill Assistant Help Your LTC Pharmacy Save Money and Operate More Efficiently?

If your pharmacy is like the average LTC Pharmacy operation, then YES.


Try Out a Demo Application

Install the Refill Assistant App now and see how easy it is for nurses to be connected to your pharmacy 24/7.

Step 1: Install the Refill Assistant App on your phone

Step 2: In the app, enter ZIP code 77003 and select PWRX Pharmacy.
Note for for LTC Pharmacies, a unique code (not ZIP) is generated to access the pharmacy's app.

setup steps refill app
select pharmacy refill app
ready refill assistant app

Get Refill Assistant for your LTC pharmacy

The LTC Pharmacy app costs $249/mo. with a $1000 set up.