Facebook Advertising

Traditional advertising versus Facebook advertising

Consider this example: A pharmacy offering BHRT to women entering or in menopause. There are many advertising options the pharmacy could consider, but none are so focused that they can target women over 45, in a higher income ZIP code within a 20 mile radius of the pharmacy.

All interactions between patients and the pharmacy are logged in the Pharmacy Portal.

Statistics, audit functions and patient account recovery are also available in the Pharmacy Portal.

If using the mobile app, the Pharmacy Portal enables you to communicate with patients about scripts, promotions and refills.

Messages are sent using Apple or Android Push Messages, so appear in the same way as any other app on the patient’s mobile phone.

Facebook Ads compared to Google AdWords?

The major difference between Facebook Ads and Google AdWords is user knowledge about the types of products and services offered. Google targets users who demonstrate knowledge when they type into the Google search box e.g. “will BHRT help menopause?” Instead, Facebook Ads match with user’s interests and demographics e.g. place a BHRT ad in front of a 50 year old woman suffering menopause symptoms. The difference in user knowledge means that the two networks differ in what kinds of business goals they’re best for. Google AdWords is great for putting the product or service in front of the user when she’s knows what she’s looking for. Facebook Ads are great for building brand and product awareness when she doesn’t.