Pharmacy Portal – Website and Secure Forms Only

Orders from the Website or a Secure Form

Orders from the website will appear under the Website Orders tab. To view the script details, press View.

Messages such as refill reminder or order complete cannot be sent to patients who use the website to order a script.

The buttons in the script (see below) are for internal workflow purposes only. No message will be sent to the patient.

Adding the Secure Refill Form to Your Website

Note if you use Refill Assistant Website, this step will have been completed already.

To add the refill form to a website, login to the Pharmacy Portal and click on Website Orders. On the right of the screen, click on the Set-up Instructions button. Select Refill Form V2.

If you wish you can change the font under Theme menu or color of the Refill Form. The color is a 6-digit RGB code (in Hex). Your website developer will know this color. Click on the Embed code and copy it. Send this code to your website developer. Ask the developer to embed in an iFrame. A HIPAA compliant server is not needed.

The script transfer request can be added in the same manner.

The video below shows you how to do this.