Apple Account Changes – Part 2 of 2

If you have received an email from me directing you to this post, it means your Apple Developer and iTunes Connect accounts have been set up correctly.

Plus it also means, we have released an updated version of your app on your Apple account on the App Store.

Releasing the app on your account has 2 implications:

  1. The hyperlink or URL pointing to the App Store location for your app has been changed. Some changes you should make include (i) modifying any links to the old app on your website or Facebook account; (ii) printing new flyers with the new QR code and (iii) changing links in any email future email campaigns. We have created an updated media kit to aid you with this.

  2. In order to maintain their order history, patients of the existing app have to be transitioned to the new mobile app. We have developed a process to make this as smooth as possible without your involvement.

The process is as follows:

  1. Each patient will receive a push message.
  2. The push message has the following content: Important: Upgrade Needed. Your PWRX Pharmacy app has a new version. Please upgrade to ensure an uninterrupted service from your pharmacy. This is followed by an INSTALL UPGRADE button.
  3. When the patient clicks INSTALL UPGRADE, they will be brought to a landing page where they will be asked to write down a 16 digit code (for backup reasons) and asked to INSTALL UPGRADE.
  4. Once pressed this will bring the patient to the Apple App Store where they will download and OPEN the updated app.

App Store
5. Lastly, the patient is presented with the Finishing Upgrade screen. In this step the patient is asked to enter a 4 digit PIN to protect their PHI. The patient may be asked to insert the 16 digit Upgrade Code, but generally this is inserted automatically by the upgrade process.
App Store

That’s it. The patient can start to use the upgraded app downloaded from the your Apple account. The previous version of the app can be deleted from their phone.

Note these changes only apply to your Apple or iOS version of your mobile app. They do not change the Android app in any way.

If you need help please click here and press HELP on our website. or email support.

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