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Training Webinar – Pharmacist Portal, Website and App

The following is a recording of our training webinar run on July 16th. The webinar was split into 2 parts. The 1st part concentrated on the mobile app, website and the pharmacist portal. The 2nd on PK Software. If you wish to skip to PK, please go to minute 42 in the video. 

Webinar Content

App, Website and Pharmacist Portal

  • Pharmacist Portal Overview
  • Mobile App Overview
  • Refill Order Scenarios
      • Refill Requested after receiving a reminder
      • Refill Not Requested after receiving a reminder
        • Sending individual reminder by patient
        • Sending simultaneous reminders to multiple patients
      • Update Rx Number
      • New orders
      • Editing Refill Reminder
      • Manually stopping refill reminders
  • New orders / refills
  • Website orders
  • Website script transfer requests
  • Configuring order forms
  • Statistics and metrics
  • Settings
    • Billing
    • Referral
    • Account recovery
    • Audit

PK Software

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