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Pharmacy refill app. More Refills. Less Interruptions.

Refill Assistant, our brand new product, suits small to mid sized compounding or hybrid pharmacies and uses the same Rx Mobility technology that we co-developed with PCCA.

Refill Assistant is a refill and patient communication platform. At its simplest a patient downloads the Refill Assistant app for free. Once downloaded, the patient can become part of your pharmacy’s workflows.
Refill Assistant:

  1. Is a Self-service tool for patients to submit and stay informed about their refills.
  2. Allows the pharmacy to generate reminders, receive refills and message patients – automatically using PK Software.
  3. Helps patients to refill on time plus enables you to easily engage with those patients who don’t.

Prices now start at $129/month. Plus we have a limited $99/month offer when paid annually.

In our August 15th webinar, we previewed the workflows that you can implement with Refill Assistant to reduce the main source of phone calls and interruptions in your compounding pharmacy.

For details on pricing and options, please go to our pricing page:

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